We were the most popular people in our school. Nothing happened at RLS unless it had our seal of approval. A party wasn't a party until we got there. A dance wasn't a dance unless the 'RLS' Angels were there.
Josh Saunders (about the RLS Angels)

The RLS Angels appear in Reunion. They attended Robert Louis Stevenson High School. The Angels consisted of 4 people: Josh Saunders, Carrie Whitman, Felicia Bruce and Mark Pulsford.The RLS Angels were the most known and popular people at their school, because of their brilliance and leadership qualities. They were killed by Michael Meducci one night while returning from a prom dance.


The AngelsEdit

Josh SaundersEdit

Josh Saunders was the leader of the RLS Angels.He had a GPA of 4.0.He held the school record for high jump.

Carrie WhitmanEdit

Felicia BruceEdit

Mark PulsfordEdit