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The Mediator is a series of seven young-adult paranormal romance novels written by Meg Cabot. The first four novels were originally published under Cabot's pseudonym Jenny Carroll by Simon and Schuster. The next two books were published by HarperCollins and under Meg Cabot's name. Eleven years later, HarperCollins published the seventh and last book under its adult division, William Morrow.

Cabot stated that she originally planned the series as an eight-book arc, but because of poor sales only got the chance to write six. In several posts on her blog and forums she stated that she had the plot of an "epilogue/sequel" on file, and needed only the time to write it out. The final book would eventually occur in 2016.

The series is told from the first-person point of view of Susannah "Suze" Simon, a teenage Mediator - a person who has abilities to see, touch and talk to ghosts, and whose main goal is to help them to the "Great Beyond" (afterlife). As the series goes on, she discovers she can also travel to the Shadow Land (Land of Damnation). In the sixth book, Suze finds out that she is actually a Shifter, a type of Mediator with more advanced powers, including the ability to remove someone's soul from their body (effectively killing them) and replace it with someone else's, to travel through time, and into the corridor between worlds.

Over the course of the series, Suze falls in love with Jesse, a nineteenth century ghost whom she soon learns is really named Hector de Silva, but prefers to go by the nickname his mother gave him. Since he is a ghost, no one other than Suze and other Mediators (Paul, Father Dominic, Dr Slaski and Jack) can see him. Suze frequently recalls that she cannot even introduce him to her parents. Jesse's rival is Paul, a fellow Mediator (later revealed to be a Shifter like Suze) whom Suze greatly dislikes and calls "The Spawn of Satan". Paul frequently taunts Jesse about his mortality, and states that he is a better person for Suze.


  1. USA: Shadowland/UK: Love You to Death (November 2000)
  2. USA: Ninth Key/UK: High Stakes (February 2001)
  3. USA: Reunion/UK: Mean Spirits (July 2001)
  4. USA: Darkest Hour/UK: Young Blood (December 2001)
  5. USA: Haunted/ UK: Grave Doubts (January 2003)
  6. USA: Twilight/ UK: Heaven Sent (December 2004)
  7. Remembrances (February 2016)


The Mediator series rights have been sold to producer Julia Pistor, and will be made into a movie in the near future.

In 2011 and 2012, Cabot discussed on her personal blog the possibility of a seventh Mediator novel, which would eventually come to pass, and the series becoming a TV show instead of a movie.