Remembrance Edit

Remembrance is the 7th book in the Mediator Series. It was released on February 2, 2016, 15 years after the first book came out, and 12 years since the 6th book came out. Unlike the other books, which are young adult, Remembrance is an adult book. Here, Suze has graduated college and is engaged to Dr. Hector "Jesse" de Silva.

After Suze had graduated from college she is working as an intern in the mission academy to become a or have an experience as a counselor.

In the first chapter Suze finds out that a man has bought her old house, and Suze instantly knew who it was. Suze decided to call him as therefore he recognizes her, it was Paul Slater. Suze was mad at him, but Paul blackmails Suze, telling her that if he tore down her old house the demon and darkness inside Jesse will be released. in order for him not to do that, Paul invites Suze over in a hotel on Friday to win her over from de Silva in one night Suze has no choice but to accept it.