Lila Meducci is a character that appeared in "Reunion". She is 14 years old,in eighth grade, and is a student from the Junipero Serra Mission Academy. Michael Meducci is her brother.Throughtout Reunion, Lila was in a coma and never woke up, until the end of the novel.

The ReunionEdit

A month before the RLS Angels car accident, Lila was in a deep coma, after being drowned at a party. Lila attended one of the parties (hosted by the RLS Angels) near the Valley, even though she was uninvited. She fell into the pool while being over intoxicated, and stayed in there for a long while until she got rescued. Lila managed to survive the accident, but then she in a deep coma for over a month.

After Michael was arrested, Lila suddenly woke up from her coma. She still wasn't well,and was still severely messed up. According to Father Dominic, Lila needed years of rehabilation to be back to the way she was before the accident. It would take a long time before Lila could talk, walk or eat - if ever.


According to the RLS Angels, and Brad, Lila was obsessed of being a popular person. She always try to hang around with the popular people and attend parties, especially the RLS Angels, so she could be popular. This shows that Lila is extremely into of being a popular person, and would do anything to be one.


It is unknown what she looks like, because the novel doesn't specify so (except to know that she is fourteen and is in 8th grade). But since she is Michael's sister, they might share similar appearances (blue eyes etc).