Are you in a gang?
— Jake to Suze

Jake Ackerman
Age 18-19
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Family Susannah Simon(step-sister)
Helen Ackerman (Step-Mother)
Andy Ackerman (Father)
Bradley Ackerman (brother)
David Ackerman (brother)
Role Suze's step-brother
Status Alive
Appears in Shadowland
Ninth Key
Darkest Hour

Jake Ackerman (Sleepy to Suze) is the eldest son of Cynthia and Andy Ackerman and Suze's older step-brother. He is studying at Northern California State Technical College

He is often mentioned delivering pizzas, as is his night-shift job which he has in the hopes of saving up for a Camaro. This is what makes him so tired all of the time so Suze nicknames him 'Sleepy'.

At Helen and Andy's wedding, he catches Suze smoking her first and only cigerette and keeps bringing this up, thinking she's in a gang.

He accepts Suze and her mom as family very quickly. In the book Reunion, he calls Helen (Susannah's mom) 'Mom' several times. He plays the protective older brother for Susannah when Micheal Meducci tries to offer a ride home.