That's it. I am in love. That lifeguard is the man I'm going to marry.
— Gina (checking out a lifeguard)
Gina Augustin
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Role Suze's best friend
Status Alive
Appears in Reunion

Gina Augustin is Susannah Simon's best friend in the Mediator Series.She used to live with Suze in back Brooklyn.

She was mentioned a few times during the series, but only actually appeared in the "Reunion".


In Reunion, Gina comes to California to visit Susannah (for a week), since she is on vacation. At the beginning of the novel, Gina is at the beach hanging out with Suze, and her step brothers. She is introduced to Kelly Prescott and Debbie Mancuso.

During Gina's stay, she follows Suze around school, and takes classes as a normal student. At home, both Brad and Jake begin to take interest in her. But Gina was only into Jake,



Gina is described as being nearly six feet tall and as having copper colored hair.She has a tanned skin.She wears a nose ring.


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Gina (scolding Suze for hitting Brad): Jesus, Simon. No wonder the guys around here don't like you.

(Gina to Suze, about Michel Meducci): Oh my god. I can't believe you're going out with a geek.

Gina (about Jake): Jake's not as bad you think, Suze. He's actually very sweet.