Felix Diego, one of the antagonists in the series, was a 19th century slave-trader. He, along with his late wife Maria de Silva, murdered Jesse de Silva, so that they could get married.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Felix Diego was a slave-trader known for his rude personality. He married Maria de Silva only to become rich. He murdered Jesse de Silva the fiancé of Maria, so that he wouldn't interfere with the marriage. He strangled him in his sleep in a boarding house in Carmel and disposed his body at the backyard by burying it underground. This caused Jesse to remain restless for a hundred years to avenge his death.

Darkest Hour Edit

Felix first appeared in Darkest Hour. When Suze Simon assaulted his wife, he appeared and attacked her with a much stronger force. However, while trying to attempt to kill her, they gave her a concussion by throwing her over the hole at the backyard of Suze's house– which was, earlier revealed, Jesse's burial spot.

He again reappeared later when Suze exorcised herself so that she could "save" Jesse's spirit and bring him back to earth. Along with Maria de Silva, they almost trapped Suze and Jesse's soul in the purgatory when they fought with the mediators Father Dominic and the newbie Jack Slater. They failed, fortunately, as Jack went in the hole that was the spot where Suze exorcised herself with the help of Father Dom. During this, Paul Slater appeared in the purgatory and revealed himself that he was a mediator, and all this time he worked alongside Felix and Maria.

Afterwards, as Jesse came out of the hole he and Felix fought. At the same time Suze pushed his wife Maria into the exorcism hole and he followed. Suze spoke out some words and the hole was now closed, making the couple trapped in the purgatory whereas they would either decide to go to heaven or hell.