Even in the cruelest human beings there can exist a flower of good. Maybe just the tiniest blossom, in need of water and sunlight, but a flower just the same.
Father Dominic

Father Dominic is a fellow mediator and the principal of Junipero Serra Mission Academy.


Early Life


Father Dominic was first introduced as the principal of the school, and later on a mediator, when he spotted Susannah chilled up to her spine when seeing a ghost beside her locker.

Ninth KeyEdit


Darkest HourEdit




Relationship With Other CharactersEdit

Susannah SimonEdit

Like Suze, he is a mediator. However, he can also be the opposite of her– he preferred his duty as a mediator in a more peaceful way, like instead of forcing a soul to move on he'll have a talk first. Throughout the series he served as Suze's guardian and adviser. For example, in Darkest Hours, he told her that a normal Catholic exorcism would be better than a Brazilian voodoo exorcism she had only found on the Net.

Paul SlaterEdit

Jesse de SilvaEdit

Father Dominic and Jesse didn't get all well at first (like Jesse said), but later on he managed to "make friends" with him.

Heather ChambersEdit