David Ackerman
Age 13 (Shadowland-Haunted); 14 (Twilight); 21 (Remembrance)
Gender Male
Occupation Student (Shadowland-Twilight); Harvard Student (Remembrance)
Family Susannah Simon(step-sister)
Helen Ackerman (Step-Mother)
Andy Ackerman (Father)
Cynthia Ackerman (Mother)
Jake Ackerman (brother)
Bradley Ackerman (brother)
Role Suze's step-brother
Status Alive
Appears in Shadowland
Ninth Key
Darkest Hour

David Ackerman (called Doc by Suze) is the thirteen year old and youngest step-brother of Suze. He is the youngest son of Cynthia and Andy Ackerman.

David has short, bright red hair, sticky-outy ears and freckles. He is the only one in her family to know about Suze's mediator abilities. This is because Jesse came to David out of desperation because Suze was in trouble, and Jesse could not do anything about it, being dead.

Suze nicknames him 'Doc' as he is a lot smarter than other kids in his grade and Suze often comes to him when researching things. Suze came to him in Shadowland and they found a book which contains information about their house when it was a boarding house. This is where Jesse was killed in the 1800's. In this book Suze discovers Jesse's real name is Hector de Silva, so this book is very important. It is revealed later in Remembrance that David is gay, and has a boyfriend he met at Harvard.