I never liked Heather, but I hate Monsignor Constantine and his stupid rules even more. I'm thinking of doing an article about it, and calling it Father, Son, and the Holy Hypocrite.
CeeCee Webb
Cee Cee Webb
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Editor of school newspaper
Family Aunt Pru
Role Susannah's friend
Status Alive
Appears in Shadowland
Ninth Key
Darkest Hour

CeeCee is Suze's friend in Carmel. She is the editor of the school newspaper, Mission News.

Biography Edit

Shadowland Edit

In the book, CeeCee was first introduced when Suze having second thoughts on whether sitting beside Debbie Mancuso, or sitting beside the albino kid. When she sat down beside her, the students in class looked at her strangely and Debbie murmured about sitting by the freak. Suze answered back and teased about Debbie having Tourette's Syndrome (a neurological disorder that causes people to say things they don't really mean, according to her.) Later, CeeCee introduced herself and thanked Suze for standing up for the albino kid.