"Are you kidding me? Where do you want to go? You name it, Suze, I'll take you there. Vegas? You want to go to Vegas? No problem. I mean, I'm sixteen, you're sixteen. We can get married there easy. My parents'll let us live with them, no problem. You don't mind sharing my room, do you? I swear I'll pick up after myself from now on "
— Adam to Suze
Adam Mctavish
Age 16
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Role Suze's friend
Status Alive
Appears in Shadowland
Ninth Key
Darkest Hour

Adam is Suze's friend in Carmel.


On the first day of school after the winter break, Adam is sent to the principal's office because he called Sister Ernestine a broad. Outside the office, he meets a new girl named Suze and immediately seems to like her. He makes some jokes about the school and the crucifix hanging behind the secretay's desk, much to Suze's amusement and Suze's mother's dislike. When Suze is escorted into the office, he even leers at her.

During lunch, Adam, Cee Cee and her friends sit with Suze and ask her about her life and New York. When Suze spots a boy with a look of sadness on his face, sitting beside her step-brother and asks about him, Adam tells her that he is Bryce Martinson and he is sad because his girlfriend died during the break. He and his friends then proceed with telling her the story of how she died.

Suddenly, a part of the breezeway comes crashing down on Bryce but Suze immediately throws herself on him and saves him, making Adam like her even more.